Headless WordPress Hosting

Combining the raw power of an optimized frontend with the ease of WordPress as a headless CMS

Optimized for GraphQL and REST APIs

We can fully optimize your WordPress installation to run in a headless environment that is optimized for your unique needs.

By gaining a full understanding of how you’re interacting with WordPress, we can help you keep costs as low as possible, while offering optimal performance to your API endpoints.

Flexible Developer Workflows

Whether you’re building the front-end of your headless WordPress site in Gatsby, React, Vue, or the multitude of other frameworks out there, Pagely has you covered.

Rather than forcing you into stiff development workflows, we fully embrace flexibility. We are happy to work directly with your developers to establish a workflow that best suits your unique needs.

Proactive Security

One of the biggest benefits to headless WordPress sites is how secure they can be. We take it even further by providing extensive security measures to keep your mind at ease.

By locking down aspects of your WordPress site that aren’t in use by headless environments, you’re able to harden your site’s security while simultaneously improving performance.

No other managed WordPress host takes your site’s security more seriously than Pagely.

A Team You Can Rely On

Pagely invented managed WordPress hosting all the way back in 2006 and has been the premier solution ever since.

Much of the reason for our success is due to how much we truly care about our customers. Combined with our tier-less support system and unparalleled level of experience, we provide a level of service that is always there for you.

Performance that Obliterates the Competition

There’s no doubt about it – running WordPress as a headless CMS with a decoupled front-end makes for some insanely fast sites. But without a high-performance API to interact with, they can quickly lose their luster.

Whether you’re using a static site generator like Gatsby, rendering dynamic content on the page at load time, or a combination of the two, API performance matters.

By utilizing custom cache keys, highly sophisticated routing, and server-side performance that leaves the competition in the dust, Pagely makes your headless WordPress back-end reach ludicrous speeds.

Unwavering Stability

When running mission-critical applications, stability is a top priority. Backed by our no-excuses SLA, Pagely ensures that your sites stay up and running smoothly at all times with minimal friction.

Backed By Amazon

Amazon Web Services is widely known as the leader in cloud computing services. By building the platform on AWS, we can offer a level of service that is miles ahead of its time.

Promises Over Profits

As a revenue-funded company, Pagely only answers to our customers, not shareholders. Above all, we believe in working seamlessly with your team to provide solutions that provide the best experience, rather than up-sells and snake oil.