Performance Foundry

Better Websites. Better Business.

Performance Foundry specialises in better WordPress websites for businesses worldwide: Corporate sites. E-commerce and membership. Lead generation. Blogs and publishing platforms. Fast, secure and at scale.

  • Full strategy, design, development and maintenance services
  • Fixed price development contracts
  • Hosting & performance support for smaller sites
  • Retainer packages, adding app-level performance consulting and development to your current Pagely plans

We’re the online team you wish you had in house.

On Working with Pagely


When we decided to move away from server tech as a core part of our business, we did a thorough review of potential partners and tech stacks. Pagely was shortlisted, and came through our performance testing on top of the pile. No one is perfect, but every month since then Pagely have gone above and beyond to work for our team and clients' success. It's our goal to become the world's best application-level WordPress developers, and we're proud to work with Pagely, the world's best managed WordPress hosting provider.

Craig Martin p_foundry

Areas of Focus

  • Custom Development
  • Custom Design
  • Maintenance Services
  • Performance Optimization


  • $$$$


These creative and development agencies know our systems and we've worked with them in the past. This close relationship allows us to support our joint customers more effectively.

We believe in honest recommendations made without a financial motive. There is no financial consideration between Pagely and these Parties.

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