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We've used some of the most well known hosts, including other WordPress managed hosts, but we always found our site performance slipping: slower page loads, increased server errors, and less than stellar support. Our websites are our first impression and our most important asset; when they don't perform, it hurts our sales and our reputation. With Pagely, our sites are fast, and the support has been amazing. We don't see Pagely as just another host, but a partner that we depend upon to run a successful WordPress business.

James Laws
WPNinja's needed a host that maintained a level of performance and service over the long haul. James has tried others but has found a partner at Pagely.

James Laws is the co-founder of WP Ninjas, LLC, the WordPress development company behind the increasingly popular Ninja Forms and the first of it’s kind Ninja Demo plugins.

James doesn’t want to just run a successful WordPress business; he has a passion for building and coaching new start-ups, something that he has been doing for the past fifteen years. During this time, he has also cultivated his love for public speaking, which he now utilizes to help others pursue their own business endeavors, along with evangelizing for WordPress and teaching on various business topics whenever he finds a room of people willing to listen.

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