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We're obsessed with making our website load as fast as possible, and of all the hosting companies we've tested, Pagely and their Amazon stack are far and away the fastest. It's not even a contest really. If you want the best possible performance for your WordPress site, hosting with Pagely is a no-brainer.

Ryan Sullivan
Ryan at WP Site Care loves our Amazon powered hosting stack.

Before I started working with WordPress in 2009, I was a SysAdmin for a health care company, managing and securing electronic health records. I became obsessed with performance, scalability, and redundancy, and even though I work with WordPress full time now, none of that has changed.

I started WP Site Care in 2013 to help people avoid the tedious tasks that can be associated with maintaining, securing, and improving performance on a WordPress website. I love what I do and the people that I get to work with every single day. Working with Pagely is icing on the cake.

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