Steve & Stephanie Wells of Formidable Forms


When we started Formidable Forms, we managed our own servers. As our company grew, we switched to a very popular managed WordPress host and spent nearly as much time dealing with server issues without the ability to fix them ourselves. Finally, we found Pagely. Now we focus on what we love: development and improving our customer experience. Having a hosting partner that pays attention to our individual needs has made a huge difference. We love Pagely, and you will too.

Stephanie Wells
Steve and Stephanie are a couple after our own heart (Husband and Wife Founders). They were tired of dealing with server issues that was taking time away from growing their company. Pagely help's them focus on their business by handling their WordPress hosting needs.

Steve and Stephanie Wells started developing Formidable Forms to fill the needs of their clients. They needed simple ways to create journal entries, directories, real-estate listings and other tools on the front end of client websites. Formidable forms has been allowing users to do more with their forms ever since.

Steph and Steve both started their careers outside of the tech world. Steph was a nurse and Steve was an operations manager. Shortly after their daughter was born, they started learning code and taking on contract work to allow them to spend more time together as a family. Now they love working together making Formidable Forms even better and working on other development projects. They are proof that anyone can be successful with hard work and the right partnerships.

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