The Libyan revolution and the potential affect on #libya

Unrest, uprising, etc. are such paltry words to describe what is going on in Libya and the region at large. This is a full scale revolution of the people overthrowing oppressive regimes and paying with their blood and lives for the prospect of a better future.

We have no interest in making a grand political statement other than to say we wish the people speed and safety as they pursue their right to self-govern.

As these events may pertain to .ly web domains and specifically our service, here are a few points of interest:

  1. Our entire service which includes the system, servers, DNS, email etc. does not utilize the domain at all. We have abstracted the service out from day 1 to use .com domains like (nameservers) and even, which we of course own. In the event .ly domains were gone tomorrow there would be zero impact on service for our customers, or our future business operations.
  2. In the event .ly domains were somehow blocked or taken offline in Libya, there are nameservers located in other countries, including the US that would continue to resolve the .ly domains for some weeks after.
  3. The only possible effect is on our own website branding/position. We of course control and can at any moment direct all web requests for to However we will only do this as a last resort when given no other options.

Consider our choice to stick with .ly a show of support for the people. Whether or not anyone approves of the outgoing or future government of Libya, their TLD infrastructure provides real jobs for real people. There are real businesses that will need the continued support of international based domain holders to build their economy from what looks like will be a painful new-beginning.

If interested here is a post on my thoughts regarding the last time .ly domains were in the news.

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