Help raise donations to the Red Cross with this WordPress plugin

[UPDATED] now available in the official WP repo, Download here or install from your Plugin menu.

Simple plugin I created that adds the provided images and Red Cross Donation link to your WordPress site. The CSS adds 75px of padding-top to body, so you may need to tweak as needed.

Images are being served off our CDN so you don’t sweat the hit (would be minor anyhow [+50k] to page load or bandwidth). Feel free to change the image paths at the top of the wpjapan.php file to use your own images if you like.

First the tsunami, now these reactors look like they may melt down.  Pray.


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  2. Fascinant Japon

    Would it be possible to have the image at the top with the following French text: “Aidez le Japon. Faites un don à la Croix-Rouge” ?

  3. Don

    Is there any way to determine how much money has been donated from a site’s link (plugin)? That would be nice if we could tell how much our club had generated for the cause.


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