1. Tanner Christensen

    Is it fair to say that the real issue is time and/or money?

    It’s not that difficult to setup your own content system on your own, self-hosted server, but realistically that’s just not feasible for most businesses or even individuals. Which brings up another good point: how much of your online content do you really own anyway? Even if you host your own blog software on your own website, odds are that you rely on another party to do all the hosting and DNS.

    So if you do something to break your hosting company’s rules or if enough people report your site as spam you’re just as in the water as if you blogged through a site like Tumblr.

    There are a lot of options and what it really comes down to is what works best for you right now.

  2. Tyler Hurst

    Sure, but you’d need a ton of people to complain to an ISP or host to get your content shut down, as opposed to Facebook, where it may only take a few people.

    And the ToS is much looser on anything that’s not hosted on a social network. Pagely wouldn’t stop me from posting porn, but I bet Facebook would have fits.

  3. strebel

    Haha Tyler.. We would have to have a discussion if it was out-right hardcore pr0n. Good thing you are not into that.

  4. Darnell Clayton

    This post is absolutely true regarding social networks, but not entirely correct when regarding sites like Tumblr or Blogger (Posterous I have not dived into as much, so I’ll leave them out of this argument for now).

    Tumblr you could post porn on, and IMHO they have one of the most liberal TOS’s around. Could your site get blocked for being spam? Yes, perhaps easier than a paying host, but that is the “cost” of using free easy services (note: WordPress is easy IMHO too).

    Tumblr, Blogger, et al are usually able to take on a stronger DDoS attack, due to their ability to buy an enormous amount of bandwidth and hire the best experts around (I have massive respect for Fire Host and, but at best they are a close second to Google’s security team).

    IMHO the only reason you should host your own content over Blogger, Tumblr, et al is that you will be seen from countries like China, Saudi Arabia and other restrictive countries that make it a policy of blocking all things Google or popular American sites.

    Yes, they could also block you, but more often than not they go after the popular sites rather than individual domains on the interwebs. 😉


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