Write Like An Expert In Three Easy Steps

There is no more ubiquitous display of contempt AND admiration than labeling someone an expert. If you are someone who’s been promoted as an expert in a certain field, my condolences. The admiration from those who need your services and disdain by those that think they could do better will soon be overwhelming.

If you still doubt yourself, here are three tips to help live up to your expert status.

Write about fixing things
Writers tend to write about themselves or preach to others about how they think the world should work. While both topics can entertain, they aren’t going to maintain a perception (at least) of expertise in your field.

Expert Comic

Write about what you’ve done. Write about a specific situation and how your methods helped someone achieve success. Give us tips on stuff like managed WordPress hosting, not general ideas. Don’t waste our time telling us how awesome you are, show us. And then show us again.

Write consistently
People like routine. People also have to be reminded constantly, especially if you’re trying to eliminate or alter behaviors. If your audience is corporations, rest assured that once won’t be enough. Twice likely isn’t either. Guys like Al Pittampalli know this well, as he’s made it his career to stop people wasting their time with pointless meetings.

Writing Essays

Copyblogger posts once a day. Some real-estate bloggers post three times a week. Whatever your schedule is, stick to it to get your message across.

Do it again
The best writers constantly refine their style, adjust their message and tinker with their approach. They learn from previous writing and feedback. They seldom declare a job completely done, but know when it’s time to move on to the next project.

If you’re looking for an audience, you have to think, act and behave as a success BEFORE droves of people will start listening to what you say. No one wants to be invisible, but it takes work to keep yourself noticed.

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  1. Jeff Goins

    i am loving the content on this blog, dude. keep up the great work.

    but you forgot the KEY to writing like an expert: FAKE it. 🙂

    because, really, what does it mean to be an “expert”?


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