SFTP changeover and systems update.

SFTP changeover and systems update.

Just a quick note to all customers.  If you have purchased FTP access in the past, some details (in bold below) have changed.

Host: sftp.pagely.com
User: <your existing user>
Pass: <your existing pass>
Port: 22 

Purchase receipts for sftp details are now sent in 2 parts for a little added security. Other receipts containing sensitive information will follow suit shortly.

Also: We have a nice blog post we have been working on queued up to post soon that goes into great detail discussing the new page.ly3 architecture, the improvements it brings, the tuning left to do on it, and the not so awesome move over to it that has been the cause of much frustration all around. We look forward to sharing and thank you for your patience.

All but 6 sites are running on WP3.3 and the page.ly3 system.

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy new years to all of you!

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