WordPress 3.3 is here. You better believe it Sonny.

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WordPress 3.3 is here. You better believe it Sonny.

WordPress 3.3 has arrived in style. [read about it]

After significant testing of 3.3 beta and release candidates on our system we have updated all pagely3 sites to 3.3 and will be updating the legacy page.ly sites as soon as they have finished migrating to the new system. (You cant believe how long it takes to carefully move and sync a couple thousand sites).

When we pushed the first batch of updates you may have noticed a little hiccup on our service. This was not related to WP 3.3 and it has been running fine with the just the occasional user’s custom theme needing an tweak or two.

The hiccup was actually caused by two things: a typo on my part accidentally pushed 2 extra caching files to all sites, and the W3 total cache plugin not doing a fantastic job of failing gracefully if advanced-cache.php and object-cache.php are not present or not “its version”.

We are running fixes now across all sites, programmatically deactivating the w3tc plugin, cleaning up after it, and then reactivating it.

So in essence, it was a coincidence that as we were updating to 3.3, this other issue popped up. Since people tend to follow our lead they may have held off on the update, so we just wanted to re-assure you folks all is well, fat-fingered typos aside.

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You are free to update to 3.3 at anytime if we have not done so for you already. Just ping support if you encounter any issues with a missing ‘advanced-cache.php’ file when trying to login to your wp-admin.

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