How To Find And Write Guest Posts For Fun And Profit

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How To Find And Write Guest Posts For Fun And Profit

The #1 question new bloggers ask is always the same. No matter if you’re blogging for your business, for yourself, for money or for a charitable cause, everyone wants to know one thing. What’s that one thing?

How to get more readers. (Not that they know what they’re going to do with those readers quite yet, but they still want more.)

Whether readership numbers are a popularity ploy, the metrics your boss uses to justify keeping you employed or a way to make money, there are a few ways to attract readers that don’t involve posting multiple times a day, spamming everyone you know or posting links everywhere that accepts them.

And even if you were to do all those (bad, bad) things, what most bloggers are looking for isn’t more eyeballs on what they write, they’re looking for a dedicated readership, or a tribe, that they can count on to help spread their message and share what they’ve done with the information you’ve given them.

You need a tribe. To find a tribe, why not first tap in to the tribes other have already formed? Know how to do that?

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Guest posts!

All the best bloggers do it. Industry experts do it. Thought leaders do it. Smart people do it. You’re not too good to do it, so let’s write guest posts now.

First, read this post from SEOmoz on how to automate guest post discovery.

Then head over to and learn how to write the best guest posts.

Step three is to do the work. One guest post per week, if you can handle it. If not, try one every two weeks. You’ll usually receive at least as much back as you put in to guest posting, so the more quality articles you can publish for reputable sites, the better off you’ll be.

But there’s one caveat: the quality of both the attention and links you receive depend completely on the sites you choose to guest post for. Look for single-author blogs with good followings or small group blogs with less than ten writers. Any more competition and you may as well write for a link farm like or

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Be sure to do this correctly. You should be showcasing your best work out there in the wild, not mashing up keywords and submitting link bait in hope you’ll get a few hits. Take your time – step away if you have to – and make each post count.

See you out there.

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