Additional mitigation protocols added to combat botnet load.

Additional mitigation protocols added to combat botnet load.

We have implemented additional measures to mitigate the ongoing botnet brute force attack.  While we feel we have a handle on the security side of things, the large volume of traffic was adding load to the servers and slowing down the overall user experience  We tightened down rules to drop these requests at the network edge and implemented other changes to regain system performance.

In some cases users like yourself will be redirected to simple Captcha page when attempting to access their WP login page. Completing the Captcha will redirect you back to your login page where you may proceed as normal. Periodically (every few days) you may have to verify again when logging in to your site.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to keep your WordPress sites secure and fast.


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  1. Jaime

    Even though the CAPTCHAs are a little bit annoying, this is a reasonable measure to avoid or at least mitigate the botnets, which are even more annoying.

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