Please update your DNS records.

Please update your DNS records.

We are asking all customers to review and update their DNS settings to assist with moving traffic away from a provider that has been causing us downtime, to our new Amazon stack.

If you currently use an A record to point your domain Pagely, and that A record IP begins with a 199, this affects you.

  1. Look up your Pagely hosted domain DNS records (Example).
  2. If the A record for your Pagely hosted domain begins with 199. Proceed to step 3, else may proceed but not vital.
  3. Login to Atomic, manage that domain, and scroll down to the DNS pane, there you will find your NEW IP in the black rectangle. Your IP may be different from the Image below, so please follow this step closely.
  4. Login to your current DNS provider, and update your A record to the new IP address.
  5. Thank you.


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