End of Life for legacy IP Addresses, July 15 2015

End of Life for legacy IP Addresses, July 15 2015

Back in October 2014 we encouraged all customer’s to switch off the IP block of our legacy provider. We’ve worked since to identify and contact these customer’s who are still using these IP’s to assist them in changing over. Notices have been given, emails have been sent, phone calls made.

As of July 15 2015, these IP’s will go dark.

How do I know if I am using an old IP?

If the A record on your DNS entry starts with 199. You are using an old IP.

How do I check my current DNS records?

There are free checks available, this one works well. Type a:<yourdomain> and select DNS check


How do I find the IP address I should be using now?

See this support entry.

What happens if I fail to update my IP address?

Your site will be unreachable.

I need assistance.

Contact our support desk, they will be happy to help.



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