WordPress Events and Conferences of 2017

Wordpress Events 2017

WordPress Events and Conferences of 2017

One of the best things about WordPress is its dynamic (and global) community of users. Comprised of engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, and more, this group is on a constant quest to create, learn, and grow. And with the recent feature-packed release of WordPress 4.7, 2017 is poised to be a year of substantial growth for the WP community. Combine that with the enthusiastic collection of people working towards WordPress innovation, and you get some great collaborative events.

So in the spirit of collective learning, here are the WordPress events & conferences you won’t want to miss in 2017.


Where: Salt Lake City
When: February 6-8th

LoopConf is the perfect conference for developers who want to explore engineering and growth topics on a more detailed level. The event will provide craft talks on every aspect of WordPress design and development. Specifically, LoopConf focuses on how enterprise companies use WordPress. Attendees will learn from a group of 20 speakers comprised of engineers, agencies, and product teams. Plus, a new diversity scholarship will help bring traditionally underrepresented groups to the conference.


A Day of REST

Where: Boston
When: March 9th

This one-day conference covers the ins and outs of the new WordPress REST API. Attendees will gain a comprehensive overview of how the API was built, how it can be used in different contexts, and what it all means for the future of WordPress development. In addition to the day of discussions presented on March 9th, A Day of REST will host two front-end workshops — one on March 8th and one on March 10th — giving developers a hands-on opportunity to try the API for themselves.



Where: Tempe, Arizona
When: April 6-8th

Hosted by Pagely and presented by MOJO Marketplace, this three-day event focuses on the people, products, and ideas growing the WordPress economy. The event is catered to the WordPress business owner, but if you’re at all interested in the financial and economic development opportunities of WordPress, this conference is definitely for you. PressNomics will cover topics like growth hacking, customer relationship management, and more.


Freelancers Conference

Where: Columbus, Ohio
When: April 28-30th

Freelancers Conference covers a variety of topics related to the freelance world, from leaving your 9-5 to hiring your first team to pricing your services. Speakers are experienced entrepreneurs that address common challenges and ideas based on survey data pulled from hundreds of freelancers. “And unlike some conferences where you sit in a chair and are talked at all weekend, every session is followed by a Q&A and a hands on workshop.”



Where: TBA
When: TBA

WooConf helps WordPress eCommerce businesses thrive by covering  the latest and greatest information on how to optimize WooCommerce. The 2-day event includes a few workshops and keynote talks with more general eCommerce tips, plus a host of detailed events that are specifically catered to developers and eCommerce business owners. While the details of WooConf 2017 haven’t been announced, last year’s event was held in early April.


IndieWeb Summit 2017

Where: Portland, Oregon
When: June 2017

From graphic artists to UX engineers and hackers, this conference welcomes any and all members of the independent web creation community. The gathering brings people with diverse skill sets together to solve problems, expand upon ideas, and devise innovative new creations. IndieWeb Summit is also known to be one of the biggest gatherings of people interested in PDH, or Personal Digital Home — a growing sector of WordPress data ownership and management. 

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WordCamp EU

Where: Paris, France
When: June 15-17

WordCamp conferences bring the WordPress community together in different parts of the world throughout the year. WordCamp EU is a culmination of those events, aiming to be one of the world’s leading open source and technology conferences. WordPress enthusiasts attending the event can expect to be surrounded by some of the most forward-thinking members of the web development community.

It’s the largest WordCamp – ever, in Paris, France. DO IT. 

WordCamp US

Where: Nashville, TN
When: December 1st-3rd

The major US WordCamp.

We’ll be updating this article throughout 2017, so share the WordPress events you’ll be attending in the comments.

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  1. Ravijit

    Very Useful list of conferences.

    Thanks michelle 🙂

  2. Angie Meeker

    The FreelancersConference has several speakers from within the WP Community. It’s April 28-30 in Columbus, Ohio. Learn more at http://freelancersconference.com and on Twitter @freelancersconf and @angiemeeker

    Angie Meeker
  3. Pascal Birchler

    FYI: Under “WordCamp EU” it says “WordCamp US is a culmination of those events”.

    Pascal Birchler
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