My Role: H. Cyrus Kia

Pagely Team 2016

My Role: H. Cyrus Kia

Title: Customer Support Platform Engineer


H. Cyrus KMy love for tinkering, giving and nomadic tendencies were instilled in me at a young age by my father – an Electrical Engineer who has been blessed to travel often for work. I started down my path to Pagely by blogging, doing Web Management and basic design for Community Colleges and nonprofits, and eventually, after a college and a bit of globetrotting, I entered the Web Hosting industry in 2014.


Like other support engineers at Pagely, I focus on onboarding customers, assessing their needs and helping them troubleshoot common and not-so-common problems. Whether it be directly with their WordPress applications, apache/nginx web servers, or some other service within or external to our stack.

I’d say the soft and hard ‘T’ in my skillset would be my desire to give – whether it be through support or volunteer work – and creating documentation for each solution I come across. We all at Pagely have something to give beyond our defined roles.


Pagely has allowed me to fulfill my dream of becoming a digital nomad. Some might think this means leisurely strolls down a foreign beach while sipping Mai Tais (sometimes it does), but expectations are high here and you are never expected to sit within your title. We all work together, and everyone is free to put in their two cents.

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