Security Haiku: OptionsBleed

Security Haiku

Security Haiku: OptionsBleed

Memory Leaking
over OPTIONS requests sent.
This patch stops the leak.

The vuln-du-jour is called OptionsBleed and affects Apache2 web servers. It was caused by a programming oversight in the Apache2 server project which allowed small amounts of memory to be leaked when an OPTIONS request is sent to the web server. This bug only affects sites that are configured with a LIMIT directive which attempts to filter nonexistent HTTP methods, which is extremely rare but does exist in just under 500 of the Alexa top 1 million websites. A more detailed write up about this can be found here.

The Apache2 dev team wasted no time in providing a patch. Which we have already begun applying to customer servers.

We are rolling this patch out slower than a normal security patch because it’s so rare for this misconfiguration to exist and initial reviews of customer sites shows no Pagely customers have misconfigured LIMIT directives which would put them at risk. That said, the patch will be applied in a safe manner over the next week as to minimize any risk of downtime on customer sites related to the upgrade.

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