Add Columns to Your WordPress Posts and Pages with the Column Shortcodes Plugin

If you are looking for a way to add columns to your WordPress posts and pages, then the free Column Shortcodes is just the plugin that you need. It’s a free and popular choice with over 90,000 active installs and a positive 4.8 star rating out of 5.

Once the plugin is installed on your website, you can begin using the newly added button to insert the column code into your posts and pages, via the WordPress editor. Then, it’s just a case of adding your content in the appropriate place to make use of the multicolumn layout.

By using the Column Shortcodes plugin, you have the option of adding a range of column layouts to your content. The columns can be a selection of widths which you can combine in order to get the perfect layout for your content.

Column Shortcodes Example

If you like the idea of inserting column layouts into your posts and pages, then read on for our guide to using Columns Shortcodes for WordPress.

How to Use Column Shortcodes on Your Website

As the Column Shortcodes plugin is free to use, it can be installed on your site directly from the WordPress plugin directory.

To do so, log into the admin area of your site ( and then navigate to Plugins > Add New using the sidebar menu.

From the Add Plugins screen, enter ‘Column Shortcodes’ in the search field, and then install the first item listed in the results.

Column Shortcodes Add Plugin

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you can begin adding column layouts to your content from the post and page editors.

Adding Columns to Your WordPress Posts and Pages

After installing the plugin, you will notice that a new button has been added to the WordPress post and page editors.

Column Shortcodes Button

Clicking on this button opens up the options for inserting the column shortcodes into your content area. As you can see from the options available, this is a flexible plugin.

Column Shortcodes Select Column

The plugin allows you to mix and match column widths to create the perfect layout for your content. This means, for example, that you can have one column that is half the width of the page, followed by two more which are both a quarter of the width.

Column Shortcodes Layout

Once you’ve chosen your layout and inserted the appropriate shortcodes, all that is left to do is add your content. Now when you publish your post, it should be organized in the column layout you specified.

Column Shortcodes Half Width

When inserting the columns into your posts, you can also add some padding to them in order to increase the space between each column.


While there are plenty of page builder plugins available for WordPress that enable you to create advanced layouts for your content, if you just want a quick and easy way to divide your post and page content into columns, then Column Shortcodes is a great option.

If you have any questions about this plugin, or working with WordPress in general, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Karen Warren
    Karen Warren

    I tried to use the plugin just as you described but it just put the two columns beneath one another. Presumably it doesn’t work with current versions of WordPress.