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An Introduction to Amazon EC2

“The cloud” changed the game so much, and so quickly, it's difficult to remember what things were like before it arrived. But, not that long ago, getting server resources meant buying or leasing an actual box off the rack of a server…
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An Introduction to Amazon RDS

As innovators in the hosting space, we’re constantly testing hardware and software solutions here at Pagely to find the optimum balance between price and performance for the unique demands of WordPress. Through all of that testing, Amazon RDS emerged as the clear…
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What Does “Best” Really Mean in a Google Search?

The best of the best--that's what customers are hoping to find when they browse or shop online. Google's search engine powers a wide variety of purchase experiences, but those that focus on the "best" as a search qualifier are quickly increasing in…
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How Managed WordPress Hosting Can Level Up Your Business

Running a successful online enterprise involves more than just product development, marketing, and customer service. It's also critical that your website provide a solid foundation for both running and scaling your business. You are not an expert in web hosting, and you…
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