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Exploring Data Reliability Within WordPress

Site reliability is generally talked about less often than other performance indicators, like page speed. With many web hosts offering multiple 9’s of guaranteed uptime, it’s become less of a ‘hot’ topic and more of the norm that your site will be…
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Optimizing WordPress for Speed

There’s a lot of hype around page speed, and the hype is usually centered around 2 main points: SEO: The Google algorithm measures page load time as one of its many search ranking factors UX - User Experience: It’s well documented that…
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The 2019 SEO Checklist for Webmasters

According to Net Market Share, Google is still the search engine leader with 75% of searches made on With that in mind, following their best SEO practices is a good strategy and something all businesses should have on their checklist. This…
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29 Powerful Questions to Ask Your Team in the New Year

Crafting a strategy for the year ahead is an important part of the job for any business leader. Come January, teams disappear into meetings, later emerging with a handful of goals for the upcoming year. The result can often be an uncreative…
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Turn Data Into Opportunity With These 9 Business Intelligence Tools

Businesses and enterprises have a lot of data to contend with. From acquisition and retention metrics to prospective customers, internal business processes, partners, affiliates, and competitor data, knowing what data matters most to your business can be difficult. Often, businesses can't -or…
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The 2018 Pagely Scholarship Recipients

At Pagely, we strongly believe in higher education as a vehicle to improve and enrich individual lives, as well as our shared communities. To that end, we created the Pagely Scholarship earlier this year to reward the students that inspire us with…
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Pagely Launches Keith AI: The WordPress Answering Machine

While the Pagely team usually avoids jumping on trends just for the sake of staying trendy, we're throwing caution to the wind and going all in on AI (Artificial Intelligence.) Side note: This choice beat out several other ideas, including a WordPress…
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My Role: Sally Strebel

Sally Strebel Title: Founder + COO of Pagely My role at Pagely encompasses many things. I'm proudest of helping to build and maintain an utopian work environment for teammates which in turn benefits our clients. The Pagely adage imitates the golden rule:…
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