Barley for WordPress is an advanced front-end editor from Plain. Available now on all Pagely WordPress installs.

Introducing Barley for WordPress

Have you been thinking about a better content editing work-flow for WordPress? Then look no further. We are happy to introduce Barley for WordPress, a content editor for WordPress brought you by the team at Plain. We took this great new plugin for a spin and share our thoughts below. A license for Barley for WordPress is available exclusively from for $12/site per year.

Hooray! For a period of time, Barley will be a default plugin on all new Pagely® WordPress installs, and current customers wishing to easily install Barley can do so via the Atomic panel.


Barley for WordPress is a slick little plugin that adds a wysiwyg editor to the front-end of your site via the + New menu item in the  admin toolbar.  This allows editors a more efficient and cleaner mode for adding new content without having to navigate the normal WordPress back-end. This is a great front-end editor that helps remove the complexities for users adding new content.  It also allows you to view the content as it would look when published without having to switch between the back-end and preview mode.


barley-for-wordpressOnce installed and activated the user will now have a full wysiwyg available for adding posts, pages, along with any additional Post Formats included in the theme.  You can navigate to the front of the site and use the + New link to open the editor or use the CNTRL+E shortcut.  When a user adds new content the editor opens directly on the front-end and provides sample text for the user to replace, the sample text is a great addition for training  users to quickly learn how the plugin operates. Not only does this provide a clean, user-friendly editor but it also allows users to publish, view draft and delete all from the front-end.

Watch this sweet demo video.


The Barley for WordPress plugin is a great addition for any site, the editor is clean, user-friendly and efficient.  With the editor now available via the front-end content contributors will no longer have to navigate into the back-end and can focus more clearly on the content itself.  A great value plugin that has the potential to revolutionize WordPress content editing.

Notice: Pagely is not being financially compensated in anyway for endorsing or referring this product. We just like it and think our customers will gain value from it.