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HTTPoxy and WordPress.


The vulnerability d’jour this week was named HTTPoxy, an applicable pun on pox and proxy. We have patched our servers for this already, and are here to take a few extra steps to help explain the vulnerability and hopefully spread a little knowledge. The first part of this post will explain how the HTTPoxy vulnerability […]

Security Haiku: httPoxy


A pox on proxy headers; that are misused by some developers. Updates to our server configs are being pushed out that remove any “Proxy:” values attempted to be set by a request header. More details here:

Introducing the Pagely Knowledgebase

Screen-Shot-2016-06-07-at-4.08.21-PM (1)

Today we’re rolling out a useful resource to help you get faster, self-serve answers to your pre-sales questions. Not everyone has the time nor desire to do a conference call with a salesperson and sometimes you just want to quickly look up an answer to your question. I will not be offended if you’re one […]

WordPress 4.5 is coming!


As you are aware WordPress 4.5  “Coleman” is has been released. The team has been testing and we plan on rolling this out to all customers starting next week on April 25th.

Act 3: In which we go from good to great.


At Pagely it is about people, not numbers. We don’t make announcement’s of recent VC, no posts touting our revenues, and always an opaque answer when we are asked how many employees or clients we have, or revenue earned. We measure all these things, but we focus on the people we serve and the people tasked to […]

One Rogue Plugin: A noncanonical Star Wars and WordPress security story.

Looking like a piece of cosmic workout equipment, the “Dumbbell Nebula,” also known as M27, pumps out infrared light in this image from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. Discovered in 1764, Charles Messier included it as the 27th member of his famous

Over the last week the news has been littered with stories about data leaks. From one of the biggest data leaks in history, the Panama Papers* to a movie that tells the story about about a data leak a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away! “Rogue One” coming out in late 2016**. Star Wars fans […]