Pagely is now 6yrs old. $75 credit for new VPS+ customers.

Most companies do not make it past 3 years, even fewer 5. We have beaten the odds and are very happy to be celebrating our 6th birthday this month. Still revenue funded, still leading the field, still fighting above our weight class and slaying the mega-hosts. Managed WordPress Hosting as a ‘thing’ is actually 9yrs old. Huh you ask? The prototype platform which eventually became Pagely, we actually created in 2006. Automatic WordPress installs/updates and backups were the first features then. 9yrs later most cannot imagine running a WordPress site without the performance, security, staging, and expert support a Managed WordPress platform provides. A few…

WordPress 4.3.1 Update

Throughout the day the team will be pushing out the 4.3.1 WordPress core point release. This is a minor security and maintenance release. You can view the full release notes here. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to open up a support ticket. Cheers!

We benchmarked Amazon’s new Aurora database for use with WordPress. Results within.

As an Amazon advanced technology partner we get a first look at Amazon’s new products and tools. At last year’s RE:Invent Amazon announced a new database product called Aurora, which promised up to 5x performance gains on the same hardware AND would act as a drop-in replacement to MySQL. While we did see impressive gains across the board, on average Aurora RDS is 3x faster than MySql RDS when used with WordPress. Aurora is now in full production at Pagely and we’d like to share some data and thoughts on how it has improved performance for our WordPress hosting customers….

WordPress 4.3 updates

WordPress 4.3  “Billie” is has been released and we will be pushing out the update to all customers throughout the day. The update process will be completed for all customer sites by 8/20. The major updates in this release include Adding menu items directly from the customizer. Formatting shortcuts in the post/page editor for a more efficient workflow. Site icons upload for browser tabs, bookmark menus and mobile devices. Better password management, when adding new users WordPress will automatically generate a strong password. To review the full details of this release please visit the official WordPress 4.3 page. If you notice…

WordPress database queries are getting 3x-4x faster on Pagely

We have been testing the Aurora database from Amazon over the last several months internally. The results are pretty amazing with 3x-4x speed improvement on $wpdb UPDATES and SELECTS over standard MySQL. In a recent independent performance test of 19 WordPress hosting services we fared extremely well as expected. The original managed WordPress company continues to put on dominant performance results. Unlike competing WordPress Hosting services, Pagely is 100% powered by Amazon. With Amazon’s Aurora database going into production, our WordPress hosting is getting even faster. Today Amazon has moved Aurora into general availability and we have began moving production sites to the…

Saying goodbye to Gatsby

Over the last 2+ years we have been fortunate to experience some pretty amazing growth. Overseeing sales during that time was Sean O’Brien, or as he is affectionally referred to: Gatsby. If you met him, then you know why.  Under his watch Pagely matured as a brand and revenues grew exponentially. Sean is moving on to enjoy a mini-retirement on the beach before pursuing new adventures. We wish him well on his new endeavors. From all of us here at Pagely, a big thank you goes out to him. With every end is a new beginning, and we get the pleasure…

Commercial Developers: How to Sell Your First 100 WordPress Themes and Plugins

Over the last few years, the premium WordPress product market has gone from strength to strength. These days, it really is possible for top developers to earn six- or even seven-figures a year by selling their premium themes and plugins. This has led to a surge of new products hitting the market, with lots of new developers looking for their piece of the pie. Unfortunately, many of them are left disappointed, with sales falling well short of their expectations. What gives? Why are some developers super-successful while others struggle to earn a basic living? (Hint: it’s not just an issue…

We spent $920.26 on twitter ads for the dumbest ad ever, and It worked.

It Sort of worked. I wanted to know what would drive clicks using promoted tweets. This was not our first foray into promoted tweets. We saw pretty dismal results with past campaigns so out of frustration I decided to turn left and just experiment to see what would drive clicks back to our WordPress hosting service. We created a few ads with various tag lines. We attempted witty, we attempted straightforward and we attempted the absurd. In terms of raw number of engagements, the dumbest ad you could probably think of did the best. A Shoe Is it a dress shoe?…

Easily Display Images in the Sidebar of Your WordPress Website with Simple Image Widget

Some plugins are so simple yet effective, you are left wondering why they aren’t a core feature of WordPress itself. This could be a said of the Simple Image Widget plugin – an extension which makes it very easy to display images in the sidebar, and other widgetized area of your WordPress website. While there is nothing stopping you from using the text widget and entering the appropriate HTML in order to display an image in the sidebar of your website, this isn’t the ideal solution for many WordPress users – especially if you are creating a website for a client….

Helping the Enterprise customer adopt WordPress

WordPress powers much of the web however it is not always easy for Enterprise clients to use it. Here at Pagely® we make our living softening or eliminating the rough edges of the world’s most popular content management system. Have a look at 10 Challenges For The Enterprise Using WordPress that Pagely elevates or eliminates. Our platform serves over 30 billion requests monthly and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.  

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