Pagely is Scaling Up

Here at Pagely® we talk a lot about scaling, and typically it’s of the hosting variety. Lots of servers, lots of bits and bytes put to work for our clients. Today we’re not here to talk about that, but rather how we ourselves are scaling up. So here’s the scoop. As a company our revenue has doubled in the past 3 quarters. We are now serving 30+ billion HTTP requests per month, plus overseeing 20,000 plugin updates per month. Our total files under management now exceed 1.25 billion. We have customers in Amazon’s data centers all over the world including…

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It’s a marathon not a sprint. Winning at customer service.

Every single hosting company has had an outage, a bad customer experience, or something that has gone wrong to upset a customer. It’s just the nature of the beast. Some companies are able to take their lumps and recover. For some it may become a pattern where even despite their best efforts later on they have built a negative reputation with the customer base that dogs them for years. It is not a matter of if your hosting company will have an issue negatively affecting you, but when. So as a hosting company, which we are, how do we tackle this inevitable situation?…

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Pagely to host WordPress business leaders at PressNomics 3

Hundreds of business leaders from the WordPress community will arrive in Phoenix next week for the 3rd installment of PressNomics, The business of WordPress conference. Hatched as an idea to bring the engaging conference hallway conversation’s to center stage, PressNomics is the must attend event on the calendars of many. The event is hosted and run by the team here at Pagely, and organized by Pagely’s Co-Founder, Sally Strebel who initiates and manages the 6 months of planning leading up to the event. This year 19 speakers from within and around the WordPress community will share their stories, insights, and lessons learned…

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WordPress Update 4.1 Dinah

WordPress 4.1 is now available!  We are happy to announce that we are pushing out the 4.1 update to all standard plan clients throughout the day. As usual no action will need to be taken from your side, we’ll be managing the update, so if we spot any problems the team will be on deck ready to address them. Some of the highlights include: The new Twenty Fifteen default theme  Distraction free post edit screen Language conversion in the General settings menu Log out everywhere from your profile screen Vine embeds There have also been some under the hood improvements…

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What kind of content do you want?

In the early ’70s a company named Optical Distortion invented contact lenses for chickens as a solution to them pecking each others’ eyes out, rather than snipping their beaks. They never asked farmers for their input and became the focal point of one of the most downloaded HBR case studies of all time. I’m sure you can imagine that things didn’t end well for them. It’s important to develop products and services people actually want, and one of the ways to do that is to well, ask for their input. That’s the goal of this post. I surveyed a sample…

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Community Advocates. Meet two of our newest Brand Ambassadors.

A common phrase we keep hearing around the WordPress community of late is “Where have you guys been?” In the context of the Managed WordPress hosting industry, well, we’ve been here the whole time. However, questions like those above are directed at us by long time WordPress community members who have only recently became Pagely customers. See for a long time, we sort of kept our head down, kept mostly to ourselves, and went about the business of building a business. However over the summer of 2014 we announced our switch over to Amazon and made a concerted effort to invite key…

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Pagely Now an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner

Created in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of remote computing services that together make up a fully fledged cloud computing platform. The most central and well-known of these services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. AWS allows for large computing capacity much faster and cheaper than building a physical server farm in-house. We have been utilizing the Amazon stack since late 2013 and now fully rely on it for all of our data center needs. Recently we were approved as an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner, the top level of the AWS partner tiers. By becoming a partner,…

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Small Business Saturday saving’s at Pagely

It’s that time of year where people stay up all night in line and then stampede to save a few bucks on a flatscreen, or waste their bosses time on Monday clicking on cyber deals (we won’t tell). This is the season where consumers save, and major retailers bank on the bulk of their profits. We have done cybermonday specials in the past, but this year we wanted to do something different. In celebration of small business. American Express (which of course has their own profit motivation for this, but we digress) started a campaign called Small Business Saturday a fews year back…

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Grab your free copy of the Art of the WordPress Startup ebook.

Perhaps the most well received blog series we have done, The Art of The WordPress Startup, is now available as an digital .pdf download. Get all 20 chapters covered in the blog series plus bonus features including forwards by WordPress community notables; Chris Lema, Syed Balkhi, and Matt Medeiros. Also we have included 4 short essays from Joshua Strebel, the CEO and co-founder of Pagely. Whether just starting out, or already on your way to success this ebook has 88 pages packed full of tips, advice, and direction to help you on your way. Get it now, free.

Slides from Joshua Eichorn’s Scaling WooCommerce #wooconf talk.

This week our own CTO and expert developer Joshua Eichorn spoke to a crowd of over 200 at the first WooCommerce Conference. He discussed scaling WordPress and more specifically scaling WooCommerce. We just happen to have some expertise in WooCommerce Hosting. Below are his slides.