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8 Questions with WebDevStudios Co-founder Brad Williams

An Interview with Brad Williams

Today we have another well-respected member of the WordPress community answering our questions. Step forward WebDevStudios CEO and co-founder, Brad Williams. You’ve probably heard of WebDevStudios already, right? They’re one of the best-known WordPress design and development companies, they’re heavily involved in the WordPress and BuddyPress core, and their team is behind some of the […]


8 Questions with WP Mayor Founder Jean Galea

An Interview with Jean Galea

Welcome to another Pagely interview, and today we have the WP Mayor founder, Jean Galea, in the hot-seat. Jean is best known as the founder of the excellent WP Mayor resource. It’s one of the best places for WordPress tutorials, learning about the best plugins/themes, and also more general tips for aspiring webmasters. Jean also […]


8 Questions with QuadroIdeas Founder Javier Schvindlerman

Interview with Javier Schvindlerman

Today we get another insight into the Argentinian WordPress community, courtesy of QuadroIdeas founder Javier Schvindlerman. As well as running his premium theme shop, Javier is also heavily involved in the WordPress community in Argentina, making the long-overdue Buenos Aires WordCamp a reality at the end of May. In today’s interview, Javier talks all things […]


8 Questions with NiceThemes Founder Juan Aldasoro

An Interview with Juan Aldasoro

Welcome to another edition of Pagely’s 8 Question series. This week, we have Juan F. Aldasoro in the hotseat. Juan’s biggest contribution to the WordPress community is through his excellent theme shop, NiceThemes. Beyond this, he is heavily involved in the Argentinian WordPress community, helping to organize several important events. As always, be sure to […]


8 Questions with Pressware Founder Tom McFarlin

An Interview with Tom McFarlin

Welcome to the latest Pagely 8 Questions interview! For this week’s edition, we’re lucky enough to have Tom McFarlin answering our questions. Before we start, be sure to follow Tom on Twitter, and also check out his latest WordPress thoughts, tips, and tutorials on his personal blog. Tom’s biggest claim to fame in the community, […]


8 Questions with BobWP, Bob Dunn

An Interview with Bob Dunn

Welcome to another edition of the Pagely 8 Questions interview series. In the hot seat today, we’re lucky enough to have a popular and well-known member of the WordPress community, Bob Dunn. Many readers will already know Bob Dunn as BobWP, thanks to his excellent WordPress training resource, He’s also an active Twitter user, […]


8 Questions with Matt Medeiros

An Interview with Matt Madeiros

Today, we have Matt Medeiros with us for another edition of Pagely’s 8 Questions series. The format is the same as always – we’ll be talking about how Matt first became involved in the WordPress community, how to avoid the most common WordPress pitfalls, and what he thinks the future of WordPress holds. Want to […]


8 Questions with Mind-Blowing Things Founder Chris Perryman

An Interview with Chris Perryman

Today, Pagely have been lucky enough to interview Chris Perryman, the founder of Mind-Blowing Things — formerly Revelation Concept. An experienced web developer, designer, and WordPress user, Chris is the ideal person to impart WordPress wisdom. In today’s interview, she’ll be discussing her WordPress career so far, providing advice for newer WordPress users, and sharing […]


8 Questions with 9seeds’ John Hawkins

Interview with John Hawkins

Welcome to another edition of the Pagely 8 Questions series. Today, we’re lucky enough to have John Hawkins in the hot seat, the owner of WordPress development specialists, 9seeds. We’ll be interviewing John in the usual format, asking him about how he got involved with the WordPress community, how the community has changed during his […]