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CEO, middle manager or freelancer. Big, medium or just one person. Service, product or a combination of both. No matter the position, size of company or what a company offers, customer satisfaction is the absolute #1 rule of the game. Without customers, there can be no growth, no business and, worst of all, no one to share cool new ways we can make automated WordPress hosting work better for everyone.

Thankfully, Pagely is blessed with more than a few great customers. In the past few weeks, we’ve attempted to post interviews from a few of them, but we just can’t feature enough people to satisfy our desire to showcase everyone we feel is deserving.

Josh up and wrote a post asking for submissions and nearly forty later, we have a fantastic grouping of Pagely customer companies that have been able to do some good in this world. We’re quite proud to be able to share a few of them with you.

Leadership For Good
In their own words: “Leadership for Good is an exploration in ideas, strategies and action in creating high performing businesses and nonprofit organizations. The goal is to be remarkable, not replaceable.”

We like that kind of attitude and are proud we were able to help them out.

I would be lost without Pagely and their amazing support. I’m referred to as a “content dude” and my technical shortcomings have resulted in me “breaking” my site only to be saved by the Pagely superheroes.

CCCS MoneyAware
Now that school loans have surpassed credit card debt here in the United States, more and more Americans are looking for ways to save money and pay off all that they owe. This is not just an American thing, as UK citizens also struggle to make sound financial decisions. MoneyAware “post[s] a mixture of articles on debt and money saving to help our readers avoid falling into problem debt,” which is invaluable to anyone facing a financial crisis.

Pagely is so straightforward to use and is a really effective solution. It makes WordPress easy!

The Long Game
Matt Warren describes The Long Game as “just a place for personal reflection, filled with a lot of head scratching about critical thinking, gaming, geopolitics, and big picture stuff. Occasionally, I even make an inspired point. Mostly, though, it’s a public sandbox for sharpening my writing and improving my skills.”

Matt is a guy who writes about smart stuff. We know the internet could use a LOT more of that. Oh, he had nice things to say about us, too.

Using Pagely has made blogging stupidly easy and completely hassle free. Any time a billing issue or third-party problem has come along, they fix it. Immediately. I can get on with writing my silly nonsense without worry about one thing in the back-end.

Thanks to all of you for being a part of Pagely!

(Note: I was going to rework the lyrics to California Love and record my first rap song ever for this post, but decency prevailed. Wonder if we can get Josh and Sally to reprise a Sonny and Cher number…)

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  1. Sally Strebel
    Sally Strebel

    The love we have for our clients/friends stops us from performing any Sonny and Cher numbers. In respect for eardrums, windows, and neighborhood cats we really can’t do it.