Info for Customers, new Billing & Plan Upgrades.

We have recently updated our billing system and hosting plans. We are excited about the changes as we have packed more value for your hosting dollar into each plan.

Here is some important information for all customers.

  1. All customers are required to supply a new and valid billing method. The change over to our new system requires you to re-enter your payment.  For your security we have NEVER stored your payment data. This is a required action. You will continue to be billed by the old method and be prevented from performing any other actions in the control panel until you update .
  2. All customers have the option of migrating to our new plans to take advantage of all they now offer. In most cases your monthly billing will not change, you just get more for every dollar. However if you wish to upgrade to a higher plan at this time you may. In a few rare cases migrating to a new plan will result in higher monthly fee even though the plan specs are the same. This is likely because you were on discounted plan and will be migrating to the the same plan, but at the retail price. Plan Migrations are optional, but strongly encouraged as you’ll gain the benefit of our new plans like included CDN service, and additional sites allowed per plan.

Updating your billing information is easy.

Login to our newly refreshed control panel at and you will be presented with this screen. Simply enter your CC data or select the PayPal option and you are done.


Migrating to a New Plan

After you have updated your billing method you may migrate to one of our new plans. Follow the prompts in our dashboard and you will see your current plan information on the left side, and recommended plans to migrate to on the right side.  In most cases you’ll notice there is a No Cost Upgrade option. Choose the one that fits you best and our system does the rest.

ALL old plans will be combined into 1 new plan. Example: If you had 1 old business plan and 2 old personal plans that would equal 3 sites/Apps. So our recommendation engine is going to recommend you upgrade to the new Business or higher plan that allows at least 3 sites.  After upgrade you will be left with only 1 billing plan on your account encompassing all your apps/sites.

After you have migrated to a new plan, feel free to enable your new FREE PRESSCDN zone for your site(s).


Support is Always Ready to help

If you need assistance with this process please do not hesitate to contact support at any time.

Thank you for your business


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