Introducing the Pagely Partner API

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Over a year ago we announced a program we called the Pagely Vertical Platform. It was a method for 3rd party plugin and theme developers to offer hosting in conjunction to their existing offerings. We have seen success with it, but we felt it was lacking in a few key areas, primary of which was we controlled everything. To address that issue we spent some time internally redeveloping our entire system, from the servers to the code base.

Today we are proud to announce the Pagely Partner API for integration into our world-class Managed WordPress Hosting system.

With a little code and time, any WordPress theme or Plugin shop can dramatically increase the LTV of their customer base by integrating our WordPress Hosting into a seamless purchase experience on their site. All aspects of client account management and business operations are available via the API to the partner as well. The partner can use as much or as little as they want to build a full scale white-label operation or just register new clients with ease. New sites are created with the themes or plugins purchased by the customer, installed and ready to accept traffic within moments. Traditional models can now go SaaS with ease.

WordPress API Docs

What’s it do?

Nearly anything you want in terms of provisioning and managing hosting accounts on our system. It also has endpoints for partners to query business intelligence data such and recent signup’s, earnings, and modifying billing plans. We have made most endpoints of the API available to select partners to integrate our hosting with their products. This API is the same one we use internally and underlays our entire site provisioning and infrastructure management applications.

An simple example: A partner utilizes the API to add a “Add hosting” checkbox to their existing checkout form. They pass along account data and product data to our system when the customer completes the order. Within a few moments a new hosting account is created for that customer with the partners product (themes, plugins, custom content) pre-installed and activated. The customer is free to login and begin using their site and new purchase immediately.

A more advanced example: A partner with many clients on our system wishes to simplify their customer management process. They leverage the API to augment their existing CRM or Support tools to tie customer data together with hosting information. Build reports of sales, churn, and create promotional codes. Additionally wrappers around the API are created to assist with WordPress support for resetting plugins, and clearing cache. (They essentially duplicate our provided management interface within their own application.)

Who’s it for?

API access will be granted to approved partners in the WordPress ecosystem. Ones that have demonstrated success in promoting their own products whether it be themes, plugins or a service and have an existing customer base that would benefit from our premium hosting service.

Who’s using it now?

In addition to it underpinning our entire system, GraphPaperPress has been a long time partner and is revamping their PRO hosting product to utilize the new API. Cart66 is also building the product that was announced some time ago but had stalled partly due to inefficiencies in our old system.

There are also 2 additional partners, a theme company and plugin shop working on products now, that we can talk about soon.


We look forward to hearing from those WordPress shops interested in learning more about how this new product can augment their existing business.

The docs site is built in WordPress using the Types Plugin, and some other trickery. Kudos to the plugin authors.

Thanks, and happy coding.