Let’s Talk Best WordPress Blog Hosting

Everyone can have a blog. No, really, there can be space for everyone in the world to have their own little corner of the Internet, with some variation or a word or phrase they like, and they can make that site look like just about anything they want. Choices, at least online, aren’t endangered.

The point of this isn’t to confuse you or push you toward something, it’s just to remind everyone that with so many choices out there, it is possible to get the best of what you’re looking for; best donut, best WordPress blog hosting, best air popper — whatever you’re looking for, at least digitally.

That’s where people come in. Google’s algorithms, while helpful, can’t always tell us what best is because we may have a different list of what makes our version of best, well, best. Attempt at wordplay aside, finding the best of what you’re looking for may be about finding better questions to ask instead of just Googling terms like “best wordpress blog hosting” and hoping that what shows up is great.

But how do people decide this stuff? I mean, I know how I do it: I figure out what I need, look around to see if anyone I know does it, researches a bit if so and a lot if not, then make a decision after a round or three of cuts, which demos may have been involved. And that’s okay for tanning salons and free massages, but that can’t be okay for someone’s online presence; their digital face or even complete entity (think Apple versus Amazon).

Because it’s about stories. In the infographic below, you can see how incredibly obvious each step is, but what’s important to understand is how all 11 parts work together in making something that works. 11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

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An infographic for best WordPress blog hosting could include:

  • Does it solve a need?
  • Are problems fixed promptly?
  • Does it work like I think it should?
  • Is my data safe?

Actually, that would be a great infographic. Going to work on that. Enjoy the above.