We had a major hardware failure, and no customers affected.

Has this ever happened to you?

Your hosting company tells you the server you were on is dead, and they are trying to get it back online or will be moving you to a new server. Hours go by, your site is offline, and you are becoming increasingly frustrated. Perhaps after an hour, or 3, or 8, your site is back online and you go on about your way upset at the lost opportunity and revenue caused from the failure.

Hardware failures happen, no matter where you host your website. However, what if your chosen WordPress hosting company was proactive about designing a platform that accounted for the inevitable hardware failure and implemented systems to lessen or eliminate the impact on its customers? Would you want to host there? Then read on.

The built-in redundancy of Pagely®

Last night the underlying server at Amazon housing 250 of our clients failed. The hardware was totally dead, kaput. It ultimately took Amazon 1.5 hours to restore the machine to working condition, however our customers saw zero downtime.

Our system is deployed in redundant pairs, each server has a hot spare standing by at all times. When the underlying machine housing the node failed, traffic was seamlessly routed to it’s standby node that lived on another machine. Our DevOps team spun up a new node, ran our deployment routines and rebuilt the failed node in about 10 minutes restoring the pair of nodes back to their original state.

We have spent countless hours designing and deploying the most advanced hosting platform for WordPress for a case just such as this. Not every issue that may come up can be as effectively managed, however reducing the risk of our customer being impacted is at the core of how we operate. Give us a try today.


  • Underlying Machine failed, taking out primary web server
  • Traffic instantly re-routed to hot spare.
  • Original web server rebuilt and deployed.
  • Zero impact to customers.
  • #win




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    Noahj Champion

    Pagely you rock!