Meet three new Pagely brand ambassadors. @zengy @krogsgard and @chriswallace

Over the last 2 years or so we have been fortunate to “re-connect” with the WordPress community. For a while there we were actually on the outside looking in as we made some transitions on platform and marketing strategy. Well, my, how times have changed. Today we are happy to introduce to you three new Pagely® Brand Ambassadors.

What’s a Pagely® brand ambassador you ask? The answer is fairly straightforward. These folks are leaders in our WordPress community that have invested the time and resources to build brands and companies serving the ecosystem. They are also nice people that just so happen to use and recommend Pagely for hosting WordPress and were personally invited to participate in this program. If you ever want to get intel on how our system performs or how our support excels, simply ask them. They’ll give you the straight talk on our pro’s and con’s for your use case.

Please meet…

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