My Role: Rod Austin

This bio is part of a new blog series, where we asked a handful of our team to share how they see their role at Pagely. The intent is to share some insight on the various roles and responsibilities inside our organization and help you get to know us a little better.

Rod Austin

Title: Marketing Manager

My role at Pagely is primarily focused on driving growth – from traffic to sales to brand awareness & positioning, I work with the entire team to ensure that we are moving in the right direction.

Being fairly new here, I’ll be walking you through my journey with Pagely to date:

Getting to Know Pagely

I’ve worked with and for a variety of companies over the years, and none are quite like Pagely. So the first few weeks (or maybe the first month) had a lot to do with adapting my mindset to what I saw and continue to see as a more natural and sustainable way of running a business:

  • A focus on employees and customers, not shareholders or VC’s
  • Leader-leader management, where every employee is enabled to make and act on their decisions
  • Balancing professionalism with keeping it real
  • Staying competitive with industry peers while working alongside them to build a better WP ecosystem

Setting the Strategy

Any marketing strategy should be fluid, especially when you’re the new guy, but it’s good to set baseline goals and identify the channels and tactics that will help you reach those goals. Our strategy continues to evolve as we identify new opportunities, while many of the core digital marketing techniques fill my days.

The Day to Day

Most of my days are spent covering the bases, and include a mix of inbound and outbound techniques like SEO, social, content, partner, paid and other marketing channels – while tracking the related data from each to make sure we are moving towards the established goals.

One of the more enjoyable parts of my role is talking with the people in and around the WordPress and marketing communities, so if you have any questions on how we roll or would like talk about a potential partnership with Pagely, give me a shout.

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