Pagely hires employee #1

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Crazy to look back at all that we have achieved and the amazing success this last year or so and know it was just Sally and I doing, well… everything. Imagine what we’ll do with help?

You may recall us putting the word out we were hiring PHP and DevOps Engineers. We are happy to announce we have made the first addition to our team and hired some amazing talent. Who is the first of a growing team of technical wizards to push to the next level of supremacy?

We cannot say.

Any self respecting super-achieving developer must protect their identity in order to perform their technical wizardry among mere mortals. Top Gear fans will understand as the Stig also performs at super-human levels and cannot reveal his identity for fear of crushing all those egos.

Basically if other hosting companies knew the caliber of talent we are bringing on board they would just give up and go home. Sorry kids, we wont let you take the easy way out.

If you are a customer you may begin to see our new team member responding to the occasional support ticket, but mostly he will be working from a remote and top secret location deploying our new cloud-vps infrastructure over the coming weeks.

He needs a name, we’ll go with El Chupacabra Luchador or “el Chupa” for short, for the time being.

We present to you the new el Chupa avatar.

But for realz. We would like to welcome our new hire to the team and look forward to him introducing himself and sharing his expertise here, in a future blog post.




  1. Bob Thompson
    Bob Thompson

    RAD. In celebration, I will be opening up my second account with you guys today!


  2. stevenbshaffer

    Congratulations to Pagely and el Chupa!