Pagely powers the news makers.

If you watch Hackernews or Techcrunch or just about any tech news outlet you see a cadre of the who’s who in tech enjoying the press being lavished over them. Many times the press links back to an announcement made on their hosted WordPress blog. I find it fascinating that our little company powers the blogs and sites of many of these high power tech sites.

Our current client roster boasts names like: SimpleGeo, Get Satisfaction, Viddler, Twilio, Texas A&M, and many more.

And recent additions like Feefighters, Aviary and New Relic solidify our position as the WordPress hosting company of choice.

Many of the companies run large cloud based SaaS apps scaling across hundreds or even thousands of AWS instances. Surely they have the capability to manage a WordPress blog on their own, yet time and time again they choose to us to take care of it. Our expertise in WordPress and our automatic upgrades and backups free’s up their staff to look after their sea of Ruby and Mongo instances and not worry about a lone WP install that needs attention.

We are grateful for the trust ALL our customers have placed in us and we look forward to adding more of the who’s who to our client roster as we continue to grow.