Pagely3 Update

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We have successfully migrated about 1/3 of all sites over to the new system. The remaining sites are scheduled for move later this month.

Sites that have moved are benefiting from:

  1. Our new Varnish caching layer. Cached pages for NON-logged in user are served directly from a hot cache at 400-500% faster than before.
  2. SFTP. All pagely3 sites that have enabled FTP will are now using SFTP, or Secure FTP.
  3. Load balanced web requests and databases reads.

Performance Issues for logged in users.

We have been working tirelessly in conjunction with the Firehost team to optimize the performance of our new app servers. Sites on the new system are not yet seeing the performance levels we desire when logged in and viewing the site or managing the wp-admin dashboard.

Balancing security vs. scale vs. performance.

For security will always be #1. We dont want to end up in the news like any of these guys, and our customers expect more. There are some tradeoffs between performance and security though. There are simple and easy solutions for increasing performance that make huge sacrifices on the security side. Scaling also impacts both security and performance and vice versa. Running large monolithic machines that compensate for performance issues are not scalable. Running many smaller machines helps everything scale, but may starve processess of needed performance to overcome the penalties of increased security.

Our goal is the balance between these 3 pillars. Tuning the dials of these 3 variables is the bulk of our work right now. Make an armored car perform like a F1 racer if you will.

So in short, thank you for your patience as we continue to tune the system.