Pagely WordPress Hosting Reseller system v3 in Alpha.

Some time ago we launched our Reseller system for Pagely. Over the years it has enjoyed much success with many a consultant, designer, and agency taking advantage of our killer WordPress Hosting for their own client needs. However I’ll be the first to tell you it was a little cludgy. We are happy to announce today that the WordPress Reseller system as undergone a refresh in design and features, and will be making it’s full debut shortly.

Version 3 Alpha


The new WordPress reseller system at Pagely not only gets a fresh UI, we are also adding some sweet functionality on top of everything it already does to make your experience cleaner and easier to use. Want to set custom pricing for your plans? Done. Want to pay for the hosting yourself at your wholesale price and bill your client separately? Okay. Want to take advantage of our first in class security, automated upgrades and WordPress backups? Sure thing. How about bundling your own specified plugins and themes into each install? You got it.

Not every feature mentioned above is live just yet as some still need a bit of tuning. The team is working diligently on fleshing out corners of the new app, and we look forward to sharing it all with you soon.

We use this everyday internally to manage our thousands of customer WordPress sites. The team has really enjoyed testing the new UI and has been adamant about reducing the number of clicks, and steps to perform any action.

They are your customers. We’ll help you treat them right.

You are a designer, developer, marketer, agency, and all around good person and your clients ask you where they should host their WordPress site? Do you: Send them to some mega-host for impersonal service and over-capacity one size fits all hosting ? Or tell them you have the best in class WordPress hosting partner at Pagely and that you will personally oversee their account, with us standing proudly behind you? If you care about your customer you should care where they host their site. With the Pagely Reseller program you can make a tidy profit for yourself AND feel good about it knowing your customer has the best solution available.

We succeed when you succeed.
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Stay tuned for news when PHOTON (Not to be confused with the Photon CDN service from Automattic that was named/launched well after our admin service) is fully live. In the meantime, Has anyone ever asked you how to find a good WordPress hosting company? We got answers.



  1. Thomas Zickell
    Thomas Zickell

    Nice Josh this is sweet man.


  2. Jeff Newman
    Jeff Newman

    I am excited that you are going to offer this as apart of your white label wordpress reseller plan.

    “Want to pay for the hosting yourself at your wholesale price and bill your client separately?”

    This is great!


  3. ryan

    can’t wait for this to be deployed. What a great service backed up by an already great team and platform. thanks for making this possible.