Popdust shares the WordPress love

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Pagely sure does love their customers. When I first proposed posting interviews on this here blog, I figured Josh or Sally would love to go first. I’d use them as guinea pigs of sorts to figure out this section and then move on to clients, partners and affiliates.

Neither of them would have any of that. Josh immediately gave me a list of cool people to start with and every interview I’ve done has been tons of fun. Jonathan Pytell of Popdust did a little more than most of the people I contacted, however. Instead of waiting for me to interview him, he GUSHED with praise in his reply email.

Jonathan, who left a big company to found WordPress-powered startup Popdust, a music-centric site featuring artists creating and performing the biggest songs in the country. He needed a partner, not just a service provider, willing to help his business grow. His previous gig was running 100+ WordPress sites on Automattic/VIP, which Jonathan thought was great, but not a realistic option for his new project.

He is a developer, not a system architect or administrator and needed a hosting partner that would do more than spin up a LAMP (free, open-source software solution for general web servers) stack and walk away. Pagely was able to help with nearly every facet of his build process.

“Pagely has been a true partner in this endeavor and I feel they totally have our back.” – Jonathan Pytell

Jonathan likens the search for a quality WordPress provider as similar to online dating. His ideal match’s profile would read:

  • Understands and loves WordPress
  • Knows how to scale
  • Architectural and business flexibility, allowing growth where needed
  • Obsessive service that goes beyond marketing copy

While we may never see such a “dating” profile anywhere else, Pagely is proud to work with Jonathan and Popdust. With customers/partners/affiliates like these, who needs boring advertising and big sponsorship buys?

(Guest blogger Tyler Hurst wears Vibrams, straw hats and owns a scooter.)