Riddle me this – who cares what you write?

Write what you know. Write what your audience needs to hear. Write something helpful. Write about what happened. Write about stuff no one else knows.

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This is all great advice, but what happens when no one cares? While most bloggers are loathe to admit it, they didn’t start a blog and post regularly with thoughts like “I hope my friends read it” and “200 page views a day seems like a success to me” or even “make money from my blog? Psh. I write for the love of it.”

And if they do, they are liars. Most bloggers, whether they’ll cop to it or not, starting posting online because they want something. Whether that’s an outlet for creativity, a way to show off to potential employers or as an avenue to become hugely popular and eventually (hopefully) rich.

If you blog for a company reading this, substitute “employers” for “clients/customers” in the previous paragraph.

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But that isn’t enough. This approach turns many people into page view fiends. These bloggers aren’t adding anything to an already over-saturated arena, but adding noise and wasting their own time.

The answer is simple: make a choice. Are you looking to gain attention by helping others? If so, write about what you know will help people. Perhaps you know a lot about managed WordPress hosting. Write about the plusses and minuses, as well as what kind of audience is best suited for it.

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If you’re more of a sales type, use your past experiences to help others learn so they can avoid, or at least know about, the same mistakes you made.

Or tell outrageously true stories in hopes that others will identify with, or even experience catharsis, through them.

No matter what avenue you choose, what topic you write about or who your audience is, the #1 question every blogger, writer and wannabe scribe should ask themselves is: “Besides me, who cares?”