Startups Catch a Break

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The Startup Mindset

I vividly remember the experience of starting my first company. I took the leap into entrepreneurship and was wildly optimistic. There was enough energy running through my veins that I believed my determination and forethought would launch me into profitable success almost overnight. My thoughts were brilliant and I was really going to help a lot of people. If I could just get my target market to listen. But I understood that I needed to appear credible first if anyone was going to take me serious. Form a legitimate business by incorporating, design & print business cards, create a business and marketing plan, and create a professional website were at the top of my credibility list. Once I started checking things off my list, I found out that starting a business was not as easy as I thought. There were many obstacles that scarred my spirit such as finances, nay-sayers, influx of permanent decisions, unforeseen chores, other’s timelines, and knowledge. I was on the emotional roller coaster that is entrepreneurship.

Fast forward to five years later-

The first business I started was with my husband and it was a web design, development and marketing shop. Our obstacles were not as bad as most entrepreneurs who have to pay and wait for their website or try to create a site on their own which takes even longer. In order for us to maintain a sustainable business, we charged more and offered great customer service. When people called I could tell what stage of their business they were in. The startup entrepreneurs were the same way I was; wildly optimistic, determined, and energized. The sad part was that their budgets were small and I had to turn them away without a good alternative. I felt like I had become a spirit crushing obstacle.

I called forth a meeting to discuss the problems/obstacles plaguing startups and small business. We pinpointed the complexities of website creation and automated the process. Pagely was born. Pagely gives novices what they expect which includes hosting, domain name, webmail, and a WordPress theme in 2 minutes for $15 a month. Usually these four parts are fragmented but Pagely combines them. It’s been dubbed the fastest way to website creation. Startups and small businesses can enjoy a professional website fast for less and change the look at anytime. Pagely pushes automatic updates to the clients and backs up the sites every night so business owners don’t need to worry. I know they have enough on their plates and I sleep well at night knowing that I’ve lessen the burden for startups.

– Sally Strebel, Co-founder Pagely

PS. If you’re starting a company, remember this quote for the nay-sayers in life.

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination” Mae Jemison