#SXSW The Good and the Awesome

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Our team has just returned from Austin. The 5 day bender of bands, geeks, networking and all around fun that is SXSWi is a welcome respite every year for the weary internet startup.

Here are some highlights for us.

Sally (Co-Founder here at Pagely) moderated a very well received panel at SXSW (some 300+ tweets and trending for SXSW). Free tequila shots, in panel networking, and the engaging panelists shared the gospel of Collaboration over Competition. Ogilvy also chose her panel as one of a small handful to make these wicked illustrations for.

by Ogilvy


Sally was also asked to sit down for an interview with genconnect.com in the Chevy Volt Lounge.

We purchased ads on a number of pedicabs around Austin for the month and had a good time seeing them in action. And of course resting our feet as our trusty drivers did the hard work.


The page.ly ‘staches we have were a big hit with friends

Courtesy Ken Yeung (http://blog.thelettertwo.com/)
Courtesy Ken Yeung (http://blog.thelettertwo.com/)
by @marcusnelson (http://twitter.com/marcusnelson)


Jeremy Tanner is the world’s best walking billboard.

by @marcusnelson (http://twitter.com/marcusnelson)


Karaoke thru downtown Austin? Why not? Thanks to @getsatisfaction and friends for the fun times on RVIP

by @marcusnelson (http://twitter.com/marcusnelson)
The Amazing Thor by @marcusnelson (http://twitter.com/marcusnelson)


And of course dinners, drinks, and general mayhem with old and new friends. We sincerely appreciate the support you have all given as people and as a company over these last few years as we have grown our business. After our customers, you folks are our favorite people. 😉

Windblown BFF’s Josh and Sally of Pagely by @marcusnelson (http://twitter.com/marcusnelson)