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Tips for Higher Education Marketing to Millennials

Gone are the days when higher education marketing could rely on glossy brochures and academic reputation to attract new students. Millennials have learned from college dropouts like Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg that a degree isn't your only path towards success or…
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Digging Into WordPress 4.8: New Features and the Road to Gutenberg

On June 8th, WordPress 4.8 shipped to a resounding chorus of "Oh, that's kind of cool." But while that tongue-in-cheek introduction doesn't quite scream excitement, WordPress 4.8 did ship with some helpful widget additions, as well as a variety of under-the-hood improvements…
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Running a Successful WordPress Webinar

On September 16th, 2014, a new world record was set when 12,091 people attended the largest ever webinar held by Glavbukh in Russia. What makes this figure so astounding is the fact that only ten years earlier, almost nobody had even heard…
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My Role: Sally Strebel

Sally Strebel Title: Founder + COO of Pagely My role at Pagely encompasses many things. I'm proudest of helping to build and maintain an utopian work environment for teammates which in turn benefits our clients. The Pagely adage imitates the golden rule:…
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The Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for WordPress and Beyond

From famous cases of forgery to instances of accidental self-plagiarism, anyone can become a victim of content theft in one way or another. Anytime you publish original content online, you become vulnerable to the threat of being plagiarized. You also increase the…
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Platform Updates

March 7, 2017 All shared sites are now on our updated platform, and can switch between PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 from within Atomic We're currently more than halfway through the VPS rebuilds New rebuilds being scheduled every week Average cut-over time…
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5 Ways to Get Invited Back as a Regular Guest Blogger

You already know that guest blogging on other websites that attract your target audience is a fantastic strategy for expanding your brand's reach. But a lot of business owners and industry experts waste a lot of time moving from one guest blogging…
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9 Reasons to Migrate to a WordPress CMS

Maybe you signed up for Drupal, Joomla, or another content management system a few years ago when you first started publishing content, and have now outgrown the solution. Maybe you're looking for different functionality or more themes and widgets to play with.…
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