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This post is part of a series designed to help developers who are just starting out understand some basics and how they relate to WordPress. This second post is about HTTP (including its cousin, the secure version) and will attempt to explain…
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The Definitive Guide to SSL and WordPress

It's become commonplace for a majority of internet users to share personal information on the internet. With the disregard for protecting personal data becoming second nature, how do we protect ourselves and our users? That's where the power of SSL comes in.…
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How to Build Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

While there are hundreds of factors that Google uses to rank a website, backlinks are undoubtedly one of the main building blocks of good Search Engine Optimization. And while it's a fact that Google makes regular updates to its ranking algorithms and…
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How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

The login page of a WordPress website is the entry point to personal information, valuable content, and many other things that matter to your business. That's why it's extremely important to keep this page safe from brute force break-ins -- attacks that…
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The Top eCommerce Platforms of 2019 Compared

As more consumers choose to buy online rather than drive to physical stores, the ecommerce economy continues to grow. This year about $3.5 trillion will be spent through ecommerce websites and that number is only expected to grow year over year. You…
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BOO! Weird WordPress Themes to Gawk At

Never thought WordPress could be spooky enough to merit a Halloween reference? BOO. We found the spookiest, scariest, creepiest WordPress themes you'll come across. Just kidding. But we did find some of the most unusual (read: extremely niche) options out there, for…
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How to Optimize Content for Google News

In many ways, trying to optimize articles for Google News is the same as trying to optimize content for Google search. In terms of the search algorithm, in both cases, the focus is on quality content and an adherence to certain technical…
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A Big List of the Top WordPress Theme Designers

Let's rundown the list of the top WordPress theme designers for 2017. How was this list compiled? That's a great question! Firstly, I reviewed the 2009 list- originally compiled by Sally Strebel, co-founder of Pagely- and then I went from there. Like…
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