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How Managed WordPress Hosting Can Level Up Your Business

Running a successful online enterprise involves more than just product development, marketing, and customer service. It's also critical that your website provide a solid foundation for both running and scaling your business. You are not an expert in web hosting, and you…
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5 Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Mobile

Most people have optimized their site in one way or another, but have you ever done anything specifically for your mobile visitors? In 2017, more traffic came from mobile than desktop, and that number is only going to grow. People are using…
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Fast WordPress Hosting

If you're looking for fast WordPress hosting, then you've come to the right place. Here at Pagely, our infrastructure is exclusively powered by 64-bit machines in Amazon data centers. Amazon powers major brands like GE, Expedia, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Dow Jones, Adobe, Pfizer,…
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The Ultimate WooCommerce Guide

eCommerce integration has been growing in popularity steadily over the course of the past few years. More and more businesses are now selling online, whether or not their core business is eComm. Big enterprises, smaller businesses and even home-based entrepreneurs are making…
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My Role: Brian Feeley

Brian Feeley Title: WordPress Support Engineer Who am I? In 1996, I started a high school class doing web design hosted on Geocities. I spent many years as a Business Solutions Analyst doing contract work. Then, I evolved back into web design…
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A Quick Guide to Hiding the WordPress Login Page

Want to frustrate hackers with a good 'ole fashioned game of hide and seek? If so, hiding your WordPress login page is a great way to secure your site from both targeted hacks and automated brute-force attacks. In this post, I'll dig…
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The WordPress Photo Gallery (and How to Nail It)

Photo galleries are an incredibly useful and versatile tool for WordPress websites. In this overview of the WordPress photo gallery, I'd like to talk about why you need them, how best to use them, and the WordPress tools you need to ensure…
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