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UX Writing Crash Course & Checklist

There's been a huge push in recent years for designers to learn how to code, to be all-rounders who can seamlessly switch from Photoshop to GitHub. But, as it turns out, code is not the only unicorn skill. As John Maeda, Automattic's…
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Popup Plugins and Why Your WordPress Site Needs One

In this post I'll walk you through the most useful types of popups, which popup plugins to use on WordPress and all the reasons why you should get a popup on your site (despite the bad rap they sometimes get). Popups, when…
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How to Use Google Analytics for WordPress

Using Google Analytics for WordPress helps you understand how visitors interact with your site and content. Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that allows you to track traffic, behavior, conversions and more on your website. In this post, you'll learn…
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Holler Box Review – The Friendly WordPress Popup Plugin

Have you noticed how frustrating it can be to browse some websites nowadays? It seems like every day sites get more and more aggressive with opt-ins, overlays, and more. Enter, Holler Box... In a world of lightbox popups and full-screen overlays, Holler…
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How to Set Up a WordPress Multisite Network

Multisite is a powerful WordPress feature that allows you to create a network of websites running off of a single WordPress core installation. It's been around since WordPress 3.0 and quite a lot of big sites use it —, the New…
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Running a Successful WordPress Webinar

On September 16th, 2014, a new world record was set when 12,091 people attended the largest ever webinar held by Glavbukh in Russia. What makes this figure so astounding is the fact that only ten years earlier, almost nobody had even heard…
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Personalizing Web Experiences to Increase Conversions

Have you ever met a stranger and instantly hit it off? They're interested in all the same things you are, the conversation flows easily, and you feel like you've been friends for years... Such situations might not manifest themselves every day, but…
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