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7 Useful Enterprise WordPress Plugins for 2019

WordPress is an open-source content management system with a secure core and large support community with nearly 60% of the market share for content systems; the closest competitor is Joomla at 6.3%. A large portion of that market is made up of…
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4 Ways to Drive Social Traffic to Your Blog

In 2014, something amazing happened. No, not Patrick Stewart doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. (Though, that was one for the books). Rather, social media started to beat search in driving referral traffic to publishers' websites. This means more readers were finding blogs…
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5 Key Takeaways from Jeff Bezos’ Leadership Style

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, is soon to become the world's richest person. And, if we are to believe him, he's just getting started. He's not the only one who thinks so. RBC Capital's managing director, Mark Mahaney, estimates Amazon…
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Tech Trends Shaping Enterprise: AR & VR

Companies and entrepreneurs who anticipate major technological changes are the ones who reap the rewards of being forward thinkers. Apple and Microsoft were the first to see the opportunities the PC would bring and hence dominated the field. Years later, Google and…
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Popup Plugins and Why Your WordPress Site Needs One

In this post I'll walk you through the most useful types of popups, which popup plugins to use on WordPress and all the reasons why you should get a popup on your site (despite the bad rap they sometimes get). Popups, when…
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Holler Box Review – The Friendly WordPress Popup Plugin

Have you noticed how frustrating it can be to browse some websites nowadays? It seems like every day sites get more and more aggressive with opt-ins, overlays, and more. Enter, Holler Box... In a world of lightbox popups and full-screen overlays, Holler…
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PHP Object Injection and Insecure Unserialize

I wrote about an influx of PHP Object Injection attacks previously, warning about a trend of attacks targeting a known but somewhat under-reported PHP vulnerability. Looking back since that time, I get the odd feeling that object injection (or as they're sometimes…
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Positioning Your Brand in a Competitive Space

We often cover a variety of digital marketing topics here at Pagely, but rarely do we (and others) mention the importance of branding. That ends today, as we draw from our own experience and the advice of others to help illustrate the…
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My Role: Kirill Mendeleyev

Kirill Mendeleyev Title: Account Manager/Onboarding Specialist My job is to make sure that our new and existing customers are happy & satisfied overall with the services we provide. Whether you are new to Pagely or an existing client, I make it my…
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