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Holler Box Review – The Friendly WordPress Popup Plugin

Have you noticed how frustrating it can be to browse some websites nowadays? It seems like every day sites get more and more aggressive with opt-ins, overlays, and more. Enter, Holler Box... In a world of lightbox popups and full-screen overlays, Holler…
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Running a Successful WordPress Webinar

On September 16th, 2014, a new world record was set when 12,091 people attended the largest ever webinar held by Glavbukh in Russia. What makes this figure so astounding is the fact that only ten years earlier, almost nobody had even heard…
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Personalizing Web Experiences to Increase Conversions

Have you ever met a stranger and instantly hit it off? They're interested in all the same things you are, the conversation flows easily, and you feel like you've been friends for years... Such situations might not manifest themselves every day, but…
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My Role: Sally Strebel

Sally Strebel Title: Founder + COO of Pagely My role at Pagely encompasses many things. I'm proudest of helping to build and maintain an utopian work environment for teammates which in turn benefits our clients. The Pagely adage imitates the golden rule:…
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Making Remote Work, Work

Pagely is a distributed, location-independent company. We have employees around the globe, and while a chunk of our folks are in the Phoenix area, the majority live and work elsewhere. It's an amazing gift to be able to do your job from…
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My Role: Rod Austin

This bio is part of a new blog series, where we asked a handful of our team to share how they see their role at Pagely. The intent is to share some insight on the various roles and responsibilities inside our organization…
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My Role: Sean Tierney

Following our CEO's lead in this series of introducing ourselves and explaining a bit more about our role in the company, I'll go next... Sean Tierney Title: Director of Sales & Marketing At a high level, I'm tasked with providing customer service…
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My Role: Joshua Strebel

As companies grow and evolve, the roles we take as employees change. Typically from wearing many hats inside a small company to more specialized areas of focus in more mature companies. This is a new blog series we are doing at Pagely,…
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