Team Pagely expands and preps new product.

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We are very happy to welcome 2 new members to our team this week, as we are say goodbye to one.

Please welcome Bernardo el Panadero who is a straight up systems administrator and has already been making changes to our server stack to improve performance. We expect great things to come as Bernardo whips up some custom recipes for awesome.

In addition please welcome El Mecánico del Robot aka Mech whom is leading the charge on the rebuild (pagely4) of our management and provisioning systems as well as working on our new product.

And we say goodbye to El Chupacabra Luchador. He had great talent, but unfortunately was unable to ship code in the time frame we require. It happens, we all move on.

What’s Next?

Pagely3 is rolled out and we are fine tuning it a bit to get the best performance out of it. We defined page.ly3 as an infrastructure upgrade, moving from 4 monolithic servers to 16 secure cloud servers in a redundant and fault tolerant setup. (Very long post coming soon).

Pagely4 is an upgrade to our management app, or all the logic that controls how sites are provisioned and upgraded, as well an overhaul to our internal dashboards and such. Bernardo and Mech are working on page.ly4 now and expect a full roll out expected sometime before Q2 2012.

But wait, theres more.

We have an entirely new product (codename: Mothra) under development, one that we started tinkering with last fall. We feel it will serve as an avenue to empower commercial plugin and theme authors. We’ll have more details soon.

Look for our post soon on the nitty gritty of page.ly3, the roll out of page.ly4, and details about our new product.