Interview with Thad Allender of Graph Paper Press

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Thad Allender, founder of Graph Paper Press, has been using WordPress to run his business since 2007. His background in photography and video lead him to discover a void in the market of publishing different kinds of media online. His websites attracted plenty of attention, as people were curious as to how he built and displayed content in such a cohesive package.

That prompted him to design themes for WordPress, which an emerging market took to extremely well. He partnered with Pagely a few years later to help his customers build WordPress sites from the ground up using Graph Paper Press themes. They had considered building their own automated WordPress hosting system, but a mutual friend introduced him to Josh Strebel and they struck a deal.

The partnership has worked out for both companies, with Graph Paper Press gaining 100 paying customers in the first 15 days. It took Pagely almost three months to hit that number when it started out, which shows just how much success the Pagely Vertical Platform can bring potential new partners, especially now that the service has matured.

Thad thinks so too, based on his tweet from a few weeks past:

“Continually impressed by the work ethic, dedication and skills of the crew at Pagely. Couldn’t be happier with our partnership. Highly recommend.”

Here are some of Thad’s thoughts about WordPress, Graph Paper Press’s market and why he thinks customers should choose him:

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