The Secret of Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can invoke feelings of frustration, helplessness, and anger. So much rides on your ability to find the perfect domain name and it will take time. The following secrets of choosing a domain name will help you understand the process and acquire the best available domain name for your website.

Brainstorm Your Brand

Before you start searching for a domain name, you should brainstorm your brand. If your company or personal name captures your brand, try to register the name as your domain. If your current company/personal name appears unavailable to register, list numerous keywords that describe your brand. Then dissect your list even further by using a thesaurus and figuring out what other objects convey the same sediment. Now you should have a good list of potential words.

The Shorter the Better

The shorter the domain the better is the goal and is accomplished when your branding remains intact and the domain is easy to remember. Try to string together some of the words on your brainstorm list. Typically, keep it under 14 characters but this does not apply if you are using only two words. Example- equals 16 characters.

Attempt to Find the .com

Once you start searching for your domain name, you’ll find that acquiring a .com domain may prove difficult due to their popularity. Consider a domain service that provides alternatives to your keywords like DomainsBot. If you still can’t find a good domain that encompasses your domain, don’t get discouraged, keep reading. If you do find the perfect .com, buy it in .net and .biz as well to secure your branding from potential competitors.

Concise Creativity

Do any of your keywords make sense when you add an ‘ly’ or an ‘mp’? If so, consider a domain that ends in .ly or .mp. These top-level domains cost more but may be worth it. Take for instance Pagely or, the URL shortener, bought It’s shorter and clever. Check out Domainr for help.

The Distinguished Domain

Your domain should declare that it is a wolf and not a sheep. So stay away from domains that are not spelled the way they sound. If you choose to go with a mis-spelling, understand that the domain with the correct spelling will receive some traffic from your marketing efforts. Better yet, if you own the correct spelling of your domain, purchase common mis-spellings to monopolize your brand.

Quickly Register Now

Once you find your domain, register it immediately. Domain names go quick. In fact, register your second choice too. By registering your second choice, you won’t miss the opportunity if you decide to change your mind.