Venmo’s Killer Feature

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Nearly every successful product or service shares one grand idea: they have a killer feature. For Pagely, we like think it’s our customer service, Zappos delivers happiness earlier than expected and Huffington Post gave a voice to the masses. But for Venmo, their killer feature piggybacked on their main idea: you can transfer money straight from your phone to your bank account.

While most of us certainly anticipate the day when we can replace both our credit cards and our cash with Near Field Communication built into our smartphones, until that day comes, we’re left scrambling to find ways to split the tab at lunch, contribute to the carpool gas fund or make that donation in exchange for some cookies. Venmo allows any phone with text messaging to send money to anyone with a phone number of your own.

Funds are available for withdrawal at any time, without penalty, or you can set up direct deposit that transfers money from Venmo to your bank account automatically every two weeks. Venmo makes arguing about who should pay for what a thing of the past, and is especially useful for groups of friends that frequently make bulk purchases to save time.

Founded by college roommates looking to make paying each other back easier, Venmo is more than just another Web 2.0 near flame out, as so far they’ve kept their feature set simple and centered around one thing: make paying friends back easier.

The aforementioned companies are doing well because they made sure never to forget their core service/product. While a pivot may be in any startup’s future, the most important part of any success is the laser-guided focus on the unique offering that sets you apart from the rest.

Killer features, while shiny and fun to look at, aren’t always part of the core offering and certainly require many other parts to function well. Here at Pagely, we know core features like our security, easy installs, auto updates and backups are part of what rounds out a great product. We believe you’re only as strong as your weakest link, and we think we’re pretty buff all the way around.

If you sign up for Venmo, tell ’em Pagely sent ya. Here’s to making repetitive tasks easier!