What Do You Want?

Every management book says “listen to your customers” but most organizations don’t for some reason. The organization setting up facilities in Sochi apparently thought people would want side by side toilets without dividers. Something tells me they weren’t listening to their customers. This post is an attempt to do the opposite. I hate those survey popups on websites, and you probably do too. So we’re hoping this is a less annoying approach.

The title of this post is literal, as in… as WordPress users, what do you want to see managed WordPress hosting companies like us do? You can leave comments to this post or if you wish to remain more anonymous, then contact us here and select “sales” from the drop-down menu. I’ll track down your response and take note of it, I promise.

Here are some ideas…

  • What features should we add?
  • What policies should we do away with?
  • Where are managed WordPress hosting companies missing the mark?
  • What does the perfect managed WordPress hosting company look like?

Please don’t provide comments/feedback that aren’t realistic such as “charge the same prices as XYZ Host” or “offer unlimited everything for $5/mo” as those won’t be very helpful. We can’t charge bargain basement prices and still run on top of world-class infrastructure like Amazon, while providing sufficient overhead for traffic spikes and support staff that actually love/use WordPress. The mathematics just don’t work out, as a decent percentage of you have probably already been burned by the largest shared hosting companies and understand it’s more fantasy than reality if your site gets more than 1000 visits per month. So please, stick to features, policies, and philosophical approaches. We’re listening.


  1. Evan Volgas
    Evan Volgas

    1) Easy click-to-deploy staging areas. Between you and an unnamed (and similarly talented and good) managed WP host, this is the biggest differentiator that I’m aware of.

    2) Greater flexibility with databases. There’s only one company out there that I know of that specializes in WP; will manage things for you; and will let you hook up MariaDB or Percona. That other guy is prohibitively expensive (100+ per month for a pretty low powered server). Smaller market, but something that folks who know about databases definitely pay attention to. Most of that later group end up doing VPN stuff. Me personally, I don’t want anything to do with managing the server. I just want more flexibility with my database. And managing a VPN is an annoying cost I have to pay in order to get that flexibility.

    3) Nginx. I’m hearing from lots of folks who are interested in LEMP stacks instead of LAMP stacks. I like LEMP as much as the next guy… but I don’t still don’t like having to manage an entire VPS just to get that. It’s an annoyance for me. It’s a barrier for some. I think this and item number (1) would go a long way, further than DB flexibility (although it’s the DB that I’d personally love to have even more, especially if I can tinker and not have to deal with the day to day aspects of keeping a VPS running smooth)

    4) The ability to install application monitors (Datadog, New Relic, etc). Just because I don’t want to manage a VPS doesn’t mean I don’t want to see what my code is doing and whether or not I can make it better. Most (all?) managed WP Hosts don’t let you use this. I think that’s a bit lame.


  2. Sean O'Brien
    Sean O'Brien

    Thanks Evan. We are taking note of this!